Empty Homes Tax At A Glance

  • Empty homes must now be rented for a minimum of six (6), 30-day periods over the course of a year (but need not be consecutive).
  • The new real estate tax is applicable for the period beginning January 1 to December 31, 2017. Taxes will be due in April 2018.
  • Beginning February 2018, the new homeowner status declaration forms are due in order to avoid the EHT. 
  • 1% tax on the property’s assessed value for Empty Homes. Taxes are set to exceed missed rents, to give owners incentive to rent out their homes.  
  • Fines and penalties may be imposed if an owner:
    • fails to declare the status of their property (Empty Homes Tax applied);
    • makes a false declaration ($10,000 per day);
    • fails to provide information or evidence;
    • provides unsatisfactory evidence; or
    • provides false information or evidence ($10,000 per day).

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