Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for self-identified women, Indigenous, and transgender people. We are sometimes able to offer financial aid to parents who have at least one child living with them, although these spots are quite rare. We are compiling a waiting list of parents seeking shared housing, so do contact us if this is your situation.
Asheya does not receive any government subsidies or outside funding for these programs: the financial aid we offer in the form of rent reductions directly reduces our revenues. Asheya offers these programs to provide more equitable opportunities in a very difficult housing market. 
We are able to offer financial aid for about 6 – 8 rooms per year. We usually have some spaces available for financial aid for Sept 1 move-in. 
Please fill in the form below to apply for financial aid. If we do not currently have a space available for you, if your application is approved then we will add you to a waiting list.