Start protecting your investment property. You could save taxes* and have your property protected and maintained for free. Here’s the catch: we offer to pay you astonishingly low rents. You’re not going to keep losing money, and you will make money, but not as much as the other guy. What you will get is peace of mind. And you don’t even have to pay us for it. We’ll pay you.

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Jim M., a Vancouver Homeowner’s son, discusses his family’s experience with Asheya Accommodations.

Vancouver’s “Empty Homes Tax” Is Imminent But Avoidable

In Vancouver, B.C., the residential real estate vacancy rate is at a near-historic low of 0.6%.
Massive complaints to Vancouver authorities have yielded a solution to increase available housing, and financial responsibility is falling onto the shoulders of area homeowners who own currently unoccupied homes. In 2017 and beyond, homeowners who do NOT live in or rent out their homes each year for a minimum of six months will be billed with a new Empty Homes Tax (EHT) at 1% of the assessed property value.

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在不列颠哥伦比亚省温哥华市,居民房产闲置率仅为 0.6%,达历史新低。找房间或房子租住的人远比可住房多得多。 对温哥华政府的大量投诉已带来了增加可住房的解决方案,而财务责任则落在了市内目前有闲置房产的房主肩上。在 2017 年及以后,若有房主每年不住在自己的房子里或不出租闲置房产达六个月或以上,该房主须缴纳该房产预估价值 1%的新空房税。 在不列颠哥伦比亚省温哥华市,潜在租户几乎不可能找到可出租的地方。温哥华政府迅速找到这一问题的根源:缺乏可用房。...

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We help Vancouver homeowners who have unoccupied properties and are staring into the face of the dreaded Empty Homes Tax. The best way to save money is to make money, so let’s get people living in your property! We rent large houses, furnish them, and facilitate shared housing for multiple residents. We protect your property with our resident screening process, biweekly inspections and deep cleaning, and in-house maintenance person. Our innovative Property Wellness Plan and Qualified Tenant Guarantee programs describe how renting your property to us is a unique and beneficial experience. The cost to these programs is that we pay you lower rents than market value. There are no out-of-pocket expenses for you. We immediately provide you with peace of mind, property maintenance, and even profit.

Do you need to live in your property sometimes during the year?

Live in your home when you need to with our FlexLease plan

FlexLease allows you to enjoy your property for a few weeks to a few months a year. Advance notice is required. We can provide boxing and storage services for furnished homes so that all your personal effects are safely protected while you are away, and are there again when you stay. Your home is protected and maintained with our Property Wellness Plan for your peace of mind.

After working with Asheya Accommodations, I feel reassured. They take care of everything related to your property and help you solve problems. I’ll continue working with Asheya Accommodations because they offer me a long-term, reliable, and stable option for renting out my property.
Jim (Guangjun) M.

Homeowner's Son

One of the main problems I had, prior to working with Asheya Accommodations, was finding tenants. I found her very easy to work with. I didn’t have to deal with much. I got my rent paid on time, and that’s what was the most important thing to me.
Jerry R.


I have renewed my [rental] contract with Asheya on several occasions. She has been easy and professional to deal with. She removes a great deal of the “hassle” of owning a rental property.
Kevin D.