Property Protection with

Asheya Accommodations 

What you’re doing right now with your investment property doesn’t make sense. You’re protecting housing as if it will go bad if someone lives in it. This is Vancouver. The value is in the land, not the house. You’re wasting money for no good reason.

Bottom line, do you want your house protected while you make a small amount of money or do you want it unprotected while you lose money?

Property Wellness Plan and Qualified Tenant Guarantee. I should mention, these programs are designed to protect your property and give you peace of mind. The cost to these programs is we pay you a very low rent.

I’ll rent your property and become your tenant. Then my team and I will facilitate housing for residents in your property. This isn’t some super secret tax evasion scandal, media people who might be trying to give me a heart attack for five minutes of a free and completely unwanted negative advertising. This is simple math: 1 rent cheque from Asheya Accommodations + 1 home occupied by real people = win for the owner, win for the residents, win for me.

If you don’t know yet about the Empty Homes Tax: If you are a homeowner with a property that stays unoccupied for more than six  months each year, then you will be taxed.

It really is pretty easy

Benefits Of Our Empty Homes Tax Savings Programs

Protect your investment. Stop losing money. We’ll help you.

Qualified Tenant Guarantee - Peace of Mind
I’m pretty confident in my resident selection process. And they say you can’t put a price on peace of mind. If you haven’t rented out your property because you’re worried about headaches and damage from the people who live in it, I’m here to help. If you accept a low rent offer then I will offer you more financial compensation in the event of headaches and damage than just a damage deposit. If your house is damaged or we have to evict residents for breach of agreement that has caused damage, you will be compensated. Choose from our Premium or Standard guarantees. 

Our Guarantee: The residents in your property will get along with the neighbours and leave your property in good condition. 

Our Assurance: If there is damage to your property from a resident breaching an agreement, then you will receive:


Deduct 40% from Market Rate Rent

Two months’ rent at the rate by us to you


Property repairs up to the value of three months’ rent at the rate paid by us to you if there is property damage on move out. 

Standard Plus

Deduct 20% from Market Rate Rent

Half a month’s rent at the rate paid by us to you


Property repairs up to the value of a full month rent at the rate paid by us to you if there is property damage on move out.


Market Rate Rent

Receive half a month’s damage deposit. This may be applied to repairs if there was property damage. 

No other tenant will offer you guarantees other than their damage deposit.

Property Wellness Plan - We Take Care of Maintenance
We’re going to maintain that property so you don’t have to think about it. You will avoid the hassle of making decisions about normal repairs, such as broken appliances and leaky faucets. We, your tenants, will do it for you. Choose the level of maintenance that gives you the best peace of mind. 


Deduct 30% from Market Rate Rent

Minor renovations, major urgent repairs, minor repairs, monthly maintenance, biweekly inspection and deep cleaning


Deduct 20% from Market Rate Rent.

Major urgent repairs, minor repairs, monthly maintenance, biweekly inspection and deep cleaning


Deduct 10% from Market Rate Rent.

Minor repairs, monthly maintenance, biweekly inspection and deep cleaning


Market Rate Rents

Minor repairs, biweekly inspection and deep cleaning

Bonus Profits - Investment Income Now
You do nothing, we maintain and protect your property, and you will even get rental profits from us! The amount of profits is dependent on the level of protection selected. 

Our FlexLease Program Could Be Useful

FlexLease Program Benefits
Want to live in Vancouver for a month each summer? We can arrange that. Not sure when you’re going to be here? We can plan for that, too.

Our FlexLease program allows you to use your property at your convenience  while still earning from our Empty Homes Tax Savings program while you are away! We will provide a boxing and storage service for furnished homes (if requested), so that all your personal effects are safely protected while you are away… and there for you when you return.

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