Asheya Accommodations is owned and operated by Asheya. She facilitates shared housing in a city where vacancy has plummeted and costs have skyrocketed. 

Asheya’s philosophy is that success is achieved when in doing good for others you do good for yourself and vice versa. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Value others as much as you value yourself (that also means you value yourself). 
Asheya is a BC certified teacher and has a previous career in maternity care advocacy and research, including attending births as a doula. When funding to Asheya’s research was cut by the previous federal government, she found herself paying 70% of her income to housing. This was unsustainable. Newly divorced with three children, recovering from back surgery, and living in a cramped laneway house, she had a vision. Asheya rented a large house with a big kitchen and big yard, with multiple bedrooms. She and her children lived in a few bedrooms and she furnished and rented out the other rooms to cover the rent. Asheya realized the need for someone to facilitate this kind of housing, and has learned a lot about making collective housing work through her personal experience. In 2014 she rented a second house and facilitated more shared housing by furnishing rooms and offering them for rent. Asheya Accommodations evolved from there. 
The second house was furnished partly through donated furniture from friends and mostly through the muscle and sweat provided by her housemates and friends. Asheya, her husband, and kids have scrubbed floors, cleaned toilets, and assembled a lot of Ikea furniture! Asheya now has a small team that helps her facilitate housing, including providing some maintenance to make it easier for owners to maintain their properties and for residents to get responses to requests in a timely way. She is grateful for the skills of her team and the support she receives. She is proud of the opportunity for work she has created for herself and for others.
As a renter in Vancouver, Asheya understands the difficulties that tenants often face. She has good relationships with hands-off landlords and property managers while also ensuring comfortable, affordable homes for residents. Asheya often pays out of her own pocket for maintenance and repairs to ensure a good living environment for residents. 
Asheya Accommodations also facilitates housing for some of its team members. In addition, Asheya has facilitated housing for people who are on disability income assistance, including providing personal help and care as they navigate balancing work and health. Asheya began offering a financial aid program in 2018. Self-identified women, Indigenous, and transgender people pursuing post-secondary education are encouraged to apply. In 2018 Asheya introduced the first shared housing for families, as well as a financial aid program for parents which provides a 30% rent reduction for qualified singles or couples with children.
Asheya is a woman, a business owner, a mother, a tenant, a property owner, a housing coordinator, a singer/songwriter, a children’s novelist, an educator, an amateur dog trainer, a doula, and much more! The residents of Asheya Accommodations and the homeowners she works with benefit from all of Asheya’s experience and areas of competence.