We Facilitate Housing

Welcome to finding a place to live in Vancouver. The housing market here is tough, with high prices and low vacancies. Sigh. 
We thought we’d help you out with that, so Asheya rented a large home, furnished it, and created a shared space for people like you. Economies of scale mean that contributing to rent for a room in this house is more affordable than rent for a bachelor suite or a shared two bedroom. We thought you’d like that.
People, especially millennials, say it’s hard to make connections in this city. Many are lonely.  Sharing a house with a few other people is a great way to get connected and become part of a community. 
We help you out with viewing a room, answering questions, discussing guidelines and agreements, and helping you and other residents get maintenance for your shared house. Rooms are usually available for rentals between four months to one year.
We are a family owned social business and are proud to offer a financial aid program for self-identified women, Indigenous, and transgender people pursuing post-secondary education.  

Real Feedback From Local Residents About Asheya Accommodations:

Asheya was very helpful and kind. The house was cozy and clean and the bed is comfy. It was nice to have a quiet place to come back to at the end of the day. The house location is very convenient.


It’s nice to see someone so accommodating to students…especially as so many leases are yearly, and often are very exclusionary to students…so thank you!

Living in this house really was one of the greatest experience in my life! The housemates were genuinely nice and very friendly! I am happy to say that I made friends for life here. One more positive thing I want to mention is the quick response rate from Asheya Acommodations and the high quality of the responses!


Where do you want to live?

  • Walkable neighbourhoods
  • Close to downtown
  • Easy access to transit
  • Close to beaches

Asheya Accommodations facilitates quality housing in super duper spots!

Reserving a Room

Reserve A Room

You can put a hold on a room even without viewing. We do require a Skype call, though. You can also put a hold on a room during your viewing or after viewing. 

Application Process

1. View the room and meet us in person or meet us on Skype video call.

2. Send the deposit to hold the room. Send references within 24 hours of the deposit. 

3. We check your references.

4. We approve or decline your application.

5. If approved, contract is in full effect and sent digitally for official signatures.

6. You provide government issued photo ID.

7. We send a move-in email close to your move-in date.

We attempt to provide you with an answer regarding your application within two business days after receiving the email notification of your Interac e-transfer or PayPal deposit. The length of time may vary depending on how long it takes for references to respond to us. 

We use your references and the information you have provided to ensure that you are a good fit for the house and the house is a good fit for you. Ninety-five percent of applicants are accepted. 


Applicants must provide a security deposit that is equal to fifty-percent (50%) of the monthly rent amount. 

To hold a room while references are checked, send a deposit to payment@asheya.com through Interac e-transfer or PayPal (security answer will be provided to you during initial email exchange). After we receive the deposit we will check your references. 

If your application is approved, then the contract is in full effect immediately and we will send you the contract digitally to sign. The deposit is returned at the end of the residency if the place is clean and in good condition and the resident has kept all the terms of the contract.

If your application is denied, then your deposit is refunded in full.

If you change your mind at any time after sending the deposit and decide not to rent the room then we retain the full deposit.

The deposit is your commitment to rent the room pending our approval.


A minimum of two professional references are required to apply for a place. Professional references include an employment supervisor, volunteer supervisor, coach, teacher, professor, or previous landlord or university residence advisor who you have been responsible to for at least 3 months.

For each reference, you should include your reference’s full name, position (i.e. employment supervisor), and their phone number and e-mail address.


Sample Residence Contract









Shared Housing Expectations

Consideration & Respect
Shared housing can be a wonderful experience. Residents are expected to treat each other with consideration and respect. Residents are encouraged to review our Shared Housing Starter Kit info. 
Quiet, Peaceful, Friendly Environment
Residents are expected to maintain a quiet, peaceful, friendly environment that is comfortable and safe for everyone to live in.
Quiet hours
Quiet hours are between 11 PM to 8 AM each day. This ensures consideration of other house members’ schedules and needs.
Common Areas
All residents have access to the common areas. Everyone is required to tidy up after themselves in these common areas each time they use them. Regular house chores are assigned on a weekly schedule.
Right to Privacy
Never enter another resident’s room or private area without receiving their permission. Violation of this term of your agreement may result in termination of your residency.
Residents may have guests over in their rooms from 8 AM to 11 PM. Please consult with others in the house if you would like to have a group of friends use the common areas. Please make sure guests observe house rules and are considerate of others. Residents may have guests sleep over up to five nights per month. After this, please consult with everyone in the house and obtain written permission from the resident coordinator.
Residents are expected to communicate calmly and respectfully with each other even if challenging issues arise. Residents are expected to engage with tutorials on positive communication and to follow conflict resolution steps provided by Asheya Accommodations.
Assistance with Conflict Resolution
Only after residents have tried to engage in respectful communication with each other will the resident coordinator be available to help resolve issues.

Shared Housing Trust and Safety

Resident Screening
All residents are screened with references for trustworthiness, responsibility, and getting along with others. Everyone usually gets along very well.
Agreement or Safety Violations
We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment, assault, or violence of any kind. We encourage residents to report to Asheya Accommodations and the police immediately if they feel harassed or threatened or have been sexually, physically, or verbally assaulted. A resident who assaults another resident will be evicted either immediately or within 24 hours.

If a resident is demonstrating a lack of responsibility and trustworthiness, the resident with the problem behaviour may be issued warnings, fines, or have their residency terminated. Examples include: regularly avoiding household chores, sharing the door code with non-residents, other residents report regularly feeling uncomfortable or unsafe, or the house is becoming unlivable as a result of someone’s behaviour.

Problem behaviour is determined by the resident coordinator based on the testimony of the other residents of the house. The final determination of what is best for the house is up to Asheya Accommodations.

Who Your Housemates Are
Rooms in your shared house will usually be occupied by students and working people ages 20 to mid-30s.
Common Areas & Assigned Washrooms
Each resident is allowed to use any of the common areas. However, residents are expected to shower in their assigned washrooms.
Interior Door Lock Disclosure
None of the bedrooms have keyed locks on the interior doors. This is in compliance with a Vancouver fire safety bylaw. If there is a fire and a resident is trapped on a floor, they must be able to access an exit window through another resident’s room. We have also found that residents in houses without keyed interior locks get along better, feel more comfortable in their shared space, and trust each other more.
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